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Confederation of Professional Baseball and Softball Clubs in India (CPBSC India), a non-profit organization is working with the sole objective of promotion and development of baseball and softball in India. CPBSC India recognizes the need for a collaborative and concerted effort to create a baseball and softball ecosystem. In order to change the outlook of this sport, CPBSC India would like to bring together all like-minded organizations who share the vision and objective of CPBSC India to work towards the promotion of baseball.

We take this opportunity to put before your good self, the aim and objective of CPBSC India is to promote the development of all disciplines of the sport of baseball and softball throughout all states and territories of the Republic of India. CPBSC India with the support of the individuals or organizations like you can design and implement training programs, wherein talented players are identified and trained in baseball and softball; and based on the players' skill level and progress, the best may be considered for playing at the professional level. 


Similarly, players that are unable to make it to the professional level, can be engaged in various capacities (coach, mentor, and support staff), which would result in a pool of talent that both our organizations have access to and whose services may be utilized for matches in India and abroad. Also, conduct coach and player development workshops on the best practices and systems that need to be adopted to accelerate the growth of the sport in India. 


Going forward, CPBSC India would organize special programs targeting the grassroots development of the sports, putting together the resources and expertise to nurture young talent and create avenues for self-sustenance and growth. We would want to undertake measures to ramp up the infrastructure and customize, create and implement innovative sports and business models to create additional sources of revenue in order to keep all the stakeholders of the sports in a stable position.

The NGO is registered under sec 8 of Companies Act 2013, as a non-profit organization, CIN U92410TG2020NPL141048. Any voluntary donations are accepted via a/c transfer in INR (Indian Rupee) only.

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